Will you write my content for me?

Yes! Our team of Automation Specialists will help write the content for your follow up sequences so you can relax! 

Can you do text blasts?

Yes! Our team of Automation Specialists will teach you how to set up one time text, email and even VM blasts! 

What messages can I manage in Dunzo?

You can manage multiple channels such as Facebook Messenger, texts, emails, and  GMB Messages. You can also respond directly to any GMB Reviews or Facebook Reviews in the conversations tab. 

Can I have multiple numbers and track who has called each?

Yes! Similar to other platforms you can use trackable numbers for marketing materials such as postcards, flyers, yard signs and more. This will help you see which marketing tool is working best for your company!

Where can you pull my leads from?

We are able to pull leads from a wide variety of sources such as Google, Facebook Ads, Angi Ads, Thumbtack and directly from your website. Our team will work with you individually to ensure we can pull from your lead sources. 

Can you post more than 3 times a week on social media?

Absolutely! Our Social Media Mangers can accommodate posting 7 days a week if you want more content.

What if I don't have quality images to use for Facebook Ads or Social Media Posting?

No problem! We have a library of stock photos that can be used until you are able to provide photos of your team. 

Can you run my hiring ads?

Yes! We love running hiring ads on Social Media to help you attract more applicants to your growing business.

Have more questions? Email us at hello@godunzo.com or call our team at 503-463-8696